Python Program: Rock, Paper, Scissors

By carriekaler Feb10,2024

100 Days of Code: The Complete Python Pro Boot Camp – Day 4 Project

Make a rock, paper, scissors game.

Inside the file, you’ll find the ASCII art for the hand signals already saved to a corresponding variable: rockpaper, and scissors. This will make it easy to print them out to the console.

Start the game by asking the player:

“What do you choose? Type 0 for Rock, 1 for Paper or 2 for Scissors.”

From there you will need to figure out:

  • How you will store the user’s input.
  • How you will generate a random choice for the computer.
  • How you will compare the user’s and the computer’s choice to determine the winner (or a draw).
  • And also how you will give feedback to the player.
  1. Choose ‘Open in Replit’
  2. Select ‘Run’ to play/replay the game.
  3. Enter answers into the console where you see the tiny square at the end of sentences.