Cornwall Gansey Afghan

By carriekaler Feb10,2024

When I first started to crochet blankets, my wife would constantly ask when I was going to make one for her. She had a few requirements.

  1. It had to be longer than usual blankets. So she would be able to pull it up over her head without her feet sticking out.
  2. It should not have any wide holes. She wanted one that would be warm and not drafty.
  3. A color that she likes.

I wanted to make a really beautiful blanket, so I found a pattern that was very difficult for me to do as a beginner. The frustrating amount of times I had to unravel rows because of mistakes was enough to make me quit. The only reason that this got completed was because of my sheer motivation for giving the wife what she asked for.

The pattern is Cornwall Gansey Afghan and can be purchased at Annie’s Craft Store.

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