Python Program: Quizzler

By carriekaler May18,2024

100 Days of Code: The Complete Python Pro Boot Camp – Day 34 Project.

Continuing to work with APIs.

Back on day Day 17, we created a Quiz using object oriented programming (OOP). It was all console based.

Now that we have learned how to create Graphic User Interfaces (GUI) and how to work with APIs, the direction was to upgrade that old Quiz.

We updated to call an API from the Open Trivia DB to make sure the questions are generated automatically instead of hard coding questions into a data file. We created a graphic user interface.

  1. Choose ‘Open in Replit’
  2. Select ‘Run’ to use the program
  3. Maximize the ‘Output’ window
  4. Press green checkmark button for True. Press red x button for False.

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