Afghan for Mom

By carriekaler Feb20,2024

I had made a couple of complex afghans, that I had no business tackling for such a newbie, by following existing patterns. I decided that I wanted to try to create my own from scratch.

I knew this blanket would be for my mom, so I picked a neutral color that I thought would look good in her living room.

Then I had to plan out what pattern I wanted to do. Keep in mind, I was still in my very beginner stage. I wasn’t serious enough to try and write out a real legitimate pattern. I also didn’t want it to take a long time. I knew that the double crochet works up quickly, so that is what I used throughout. I’m also a big fan of texture. I made sure to do back stitches to create a wavy look with the piping/lines.

Lastly, I stitched on a tag that says it was made by me. It was the first one I used after my oldest sister gave me them as a gift the previous Christmas.

I shipped it to my mom. She said she loved it. Looking back, I think that it is too basic. I think my mom deserves a more complex/fancier looking blanket.

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