I was born and raised in the sunny state of California. Early on, my father encouraged me to develop a passion for Nebraska Football. Despite my sports enthusiasm, I embraced my inner nerd, and taught myself HTML/CSS for the sheer joy of building websites. And in 1994, nobody quite got that.

A brief escape to Kansas left me with an unexpected fascination for weather, a curiosity that lingered even after I returned to California. I’m proud to say that I became a certified storm spotter for the National Weather Service.

Once back in California, I kick-started my career with Verizon Wireless. Over the years, I navigated a series of promotions and acquired software testing certifications that shaped my professional journey.

Life took an unexpected turn when I met a cute and quirky Aptos girl, eventually marrying her. Relocating to New Jersey to retain my job marked a pivotal moment, culminating in a decision to take voluntary severance. This period of change opened the door to my foray into book review blogging, learning piano, teaching myself crochet, trying to learn how to code, and an adventurous stint with Uber Eats deliveries.

Fast forward to the present, and I find myself as a Senior Consultant for Infosys, deeply involved in the Tiffany & Co. project. In my role, I lead large-scale testing initiatives for their enterprise systems.

I have an eclectic personal and professional portfolio. Life’s twists and turns have shaped me into a seasoned professional with a diverse range of experiences.