Campfire Throw

By carriekaler Feb20,2024

I always have a good time browsing through to find nice looking afghans that I think I might be able to do. I have purchased more patterns than I will probably ever get to. This Campfire Throw by Golden Fleece crochet & design caught my eye immediately.

I couldn’t believe that something that looked this nice could be considered beginner level.

I purchased the exact recommended colors of yarn. Why mess with what looks like perfection, right?

Most of this blanket is double crochet, which works up super-fast. I think I finished the entire base of the blanket in two days.

The part that was trickier was creating a zillion braids of yarn to weave through from end to end to give it the multi color look. It wasn’t difficult, just time consuming. And I have to pat myself on the back for actually finishing the number of rows it called for in the pattern. There were many times I thought ‘5 rows is enough on each side,’ ’10 rows would be OK,’ ’15 rows is enough,’ and-so-on-and-so-forth. But alas, I persevered. I’m happy with how it turned out.

Happy is an understatement. I love Love LOVE this blanket. There was no way I could gift it to someone. It is mine. Forever my favorite. I use it every single day.

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