Annie’s Afghan Block-of-the-Month Club

By carriekaler Feb3,2024

I had tried to crochet a blanket several times in my life. I bought the pattern and yarn. Each time, I was highly motivated to start fast. But for some reason or another, I always stopped, and never found my way back to the project again.

One day, I came across an advertisement for Annie’s Afghan Block-of-the-Month Club. For 19.99 a month, they would send yarn and instructions to crochet 4 blocks. At the end, you would have created enough blocks to put together a beautiful blanket.

I signed up. And this kickstarted my continued interest in crocheting blankets.

There was something about the structure of this that kept me going. It was never too consuming to do all at once. Like any good project plan, a time blocked approach appealed to me. Did I like the price tag? Not really. But now that I have had experience crocheting many blankets, I have to say that yarn is expensive. So this actually ended up being a good price for everything provided: Patterns, yarn, and access to video tutorials on how to crochet every single block.

So this was the very first blanket I completed in entirety.

It turned out well. It has NOT lasted. But that is my fault because I didn’t really take the time to understand the importance of weaving in the ends of yarn. Or the blocking process. I went through that quickly and haphazardly which has resulted in the blanket coming apart at the seems. Someday, I will take the time to do this one again and give it the attention it deserves.

I was not approached by Annie’s or compensated for this review/recommendation.

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